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Well it was a great trip to Argentina…many new relationships have been orchestrated by the Lord for the purposes of Kingdom advancement.The churches that I have been to are sincere in their unashamed expressions of joy and delight in the Lord.The Word of the Lord was well received.
I have observed generally in the Body of Christ an absence of Order, structure and clarity.Everything about God and His Kingdom requires structure….once you have the structure,we must implement the protocols of the Kingdom so that we may be ordered in our activity.
This is a season that demands TRANSPARENCY.This is not a season for spies and secret agents.We must craft an environment of transparency and clarity.
This was the Word of the Lord for our ministry in 2011.We must be transparent in all our interactions….
The spies Joshua commissioned to check out Jericho were men of great integrity. Even as they engaged Rahab, their covenant with her was clear and transparent…the presence of the scarlet cord hanging out of her window is a picture of the integrity that these “spies” represented. That in their quest for dominion they will not dismantle structures that are protected by the presence of the scarlet cord.

Well I was pleasantly surprised when I returned this week end! The sons of the house dedicated this Sunday to be “Appreciation Day” and brought me many gifts and treated me like royalty.Many video messages were received from my sons from the other nations and I am extremely grateful to my household of faith for all the effort invested in this day.May the Lord bless you all for making this day memorable.

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Proverbs Chapter 8

1Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice?                                                

2 She standeth in the top of high places, by the way in the places of the paths.

3 She crieth at the gates, at the entry of the city, at the coming in at the doors.

4 Unto you, O men, I call; and my voice [is] to the sons of man.

5 O ye simple, understand wisdom: and, ye fools, be ye of an understanding heart.

6 Hear; for I will speak of excellent things; and the opening of my lips [shall be] right things.

7 For my mouth shall speak truth; and wickedness [is] an abomination to my lips.

When wisdom has to cry out, when wisdom has to raise her voice we know that she has reached a point of extreme frustration. The very nature of wisdom would suggest peace and tranquility. But wisdom has been despised to such a point, that she has to position herself in the most conspicuous places in the city and begin to cry out against the atrocities of the inhabitants of the city who have all gone their own way……forgotten their first love.

10 Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold.

11 For wisdom [is] better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it. 

The inhabitants of the city despise grace…… receive the instruction which is more precious than the finest gold in the land…..the counsel of the Lord is priceless….in fact they are not even meant to be compared. Yesterday I spoke about the protocols of entry ito the camp of David. At Adullam the men that came to David would be considered to be ¨losers¨ by society, yet they were eventually transformed into a formidable force because they accessed the grace of David. Grace is more precious than silver or gold or the finest rubies. Discern grace and connect to it. Stay blessed.


Provérbios capítulo 81Doth não chore sabedoria? e entendimento soar a sua voz?

2 Ela se detém no cume das alturas, a propósito, nos lugares dos caminhos.

3 Ela clama às portas, à entrada da cidade, na vinda no às portas.

4 A vós, ó homens, clamo; e minha voz [é] para os filhos do homem.

5 ó simples, entender a sabedoria: e vós, insensatos, sede de um coração compreensivo.

6 Ouvi, pois falarei de coisas excelentes, ea abertura de meus lábios [deve ser] as coisas direito.

7 Porque a minha boca profere a verdade, ea maldade [é] uma abominação para os meus lábios.

Quando a sabedoria tem que gritar, quando a sabedoria tem que levantar a voz, sabemos que ela chegou a um ponto de extrema frustração. A própria natureza da sabedoria sugeriria paz e tranquilidade. Mas a sabedoria foi desprezado a tal ponto, que ela tem para posicionar-se nos lugares mais visíveis na cidade e começam aclamar contra as atrocidades dos habitantes da cidade que têm ido toda sua própria maneira … … esqueceu seu primeiro o amor.

10 Aceitai a minha correção, e não a prata; eo conhecimento, antes que o ouro escolhido.

11 Pois a sabedoria [é] melhor do que os rubis, e todas as coisas que podem serdesejado não devem ser comparados a ele.

Os habitantes da cidade desprezam a graça … … receber a instrução que é mais precioso que o ouro fino na terra … .. o conselho do Senhor não tem preço …. Na verdade eles não são mesmo para ser comparada. Ontem falei sobre os protocolos de entrada ito o acampamento de Davi. Em Adulão os homens que vieram a Davi seria considerado para ser · perdedores ° por sociedade, mas eles acabaram sendotransformados em uma força formidável, porque eles acessaram a graça de David. A graça é mais preciosa do que ouro ou prata ou o melhor rubis. Discernir graça e se conectar a ele. Fique abençoado.


Proverbios capítulo 8 

Proverbios capítulo 8 

No 1Doth llorar sabiduría? Y da su voz? 

2 Ella está de pie en la parte superior de los lugares altos, por cierto en los lugares de los caminos. 

3 Clama a las puertas, a la entrada de la ciudad, en la que entraba por la puerta. 

4 A vosotros, hombres, yo lo llamo, y mi voz [es] para los hijos del hombre. 

5 oh simples, comprender la sabiduría, y los necios sois, vosotros sois de un corazón comprensivo. 

6 Oíd, porque hablaré cosas excelentes, y abriré mis labios [se] las cosas bien. 

7 Porque mi boca hablará verdad, y la maldad [es] una abominación para mis labios. 

Cuando la sabiduría tiene que gritar, cuando la sabiduría ha de alzar su voz, sabemos que ha llegado a un punto de frustración extrema. La naturaleza misma de la sabiduría sugiere paz y tranquilidad. Pero la sabiduría se ha despreciado a tal punto, que tiene que posicionarse en los lugares más visibles de la ciudad y comienzan a gritar contra las atrocidades de los habitantes de la ciudad que han ido todos a su manera … … olvidado su primer el amor. 

10 Recibid mi enseñanza, y no plata; Y ciencia antes que el oro escogido. 

11 Porque la sabiduría [es] más que las piedras preciosas, y todo lo que puede desear, no se puede comparar a ella. 

Los habitantes de la ciudad, despreciar la gracia … … recibir la instrucción que es más precioso que el oro fino en la tierra … .. el consejo del Señor, no tiene precio …. De hecho, ni siquiera la intención de ser comparados. Ayer hablé sobre los protocolos de entrada ito del campo de David. En Adulam los hombres que vinieron a David se consideraría que ser · perdedores ¨ por la sociedad, sin embargo, eventualmente se transformaron en una fuerza formidable, ya que acceder a la gracia de David. La gracia es más precioso que la plata o el oro o los mejores rubíes. Discernir la gracia y conectarse a él. Permanezca bendito. 


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The Lord has brought this scripture to remembrance in this time. As the Lord gives you favour and increase there are many who would seek to enter into your tents. We can issue so many regulations and laws; so many do´s and dont´s.As children of God, we need to follow David´s leadership example in the acquisition of the human resource.

As far as David was concerned there is only one protocol he was looking for: he wanted men of peace in his camp. Those who can dwell in peace with him. You see, we have enough hostile forces out there already without us adding to our woes. David knew what it is to be betrayed; he knew what it is to lose everything; he knew what it is to walk with people with whom he would sit in he house of the Lord; where both of them would worship the Lord together; lift up holy hands together; receive the counsel and instructions of God together; in spite of all of this he was still betrayed. This ought to teach us something right here……as servants of the Lord we minister weekly to a community of wheat and tares….both exposed to the same Word,both of them to the Presence of God, both of them to the magnificence and the majesty of the movements of the Spirit of God, yet one is immune and unaffected by mnistry….one chooses to remain alone, not falling to the ground.

David knew the reality of this experience…he was fully persuaded regarding both these dimensions. This is the reason he made tis declaration; this is a season for the uniting of hearts….not the gathering of men for commercial expansion without connection . But the ¨knitting of hearts¨. The hearts of the men must be joined to David. This is David´s offer. This is His protocol. If we enter into his camp under any other pretense, you will come against God Himself. There is much we can learn from this. Let us carefully examine our motives for connecting to the various people in our lives. It is time to ¨refresh¨ our directory!!!! The Lord bless you.

1 Chronicles 12  

17And David went out to meet them, and answered and said unto them, If ye be come peaceably unto me to help me, mine heart shall be knit unto you: but if [ye be come] to betray me to mine enemies, seeing [there is] no wrong in mine hands, the God of our fathers look [thereon], and rebuke [it].

O Senhor trouxe à memória esta escritura neste tempo. Como o Senhor lhe dá favor e aumentar há muitos que tentaria entrar em suas tendas. Nós podemos emitir regulamentos e tantas leis, por isso muitos fazem e não é como filhos de Deus, precisamos seguir o exemplo de David de liderança na aquisição de recursos humanos..Na medida em que David estava em causa não é apenas um protocolo que estava procurando: ele queria que os homens de paz em seu acampamento. Aqueles que podem viver em paz com ele.Você vê, temos forças suficientes hostil lá fora já, sem nós, adicionando aos nossos infortúnios. Davi sabia o que é ser traído, ele sabia o que é perder tudo, ele sabia o que é andar com as pessoas com quem ele se sentar na casa do Senhor, onde ambos se adorar ao Senhor juntos, elevador up mãos santas juntos; receber o conselho e as instruções de Deus em conjunto; apesar de tudo isso ele ainda era traída. Isso deve nos ensinar alguma coisa aqui …… como servos do Senhor, ministro semanais para uma comunidade de trigo eo joio …. ambos expostos à mesma Palavra, ambos para a Presença de Deus, tanto deles para a magnificência ea majestade dos movimentos do Espírito de Deus, mas um é imune e não afetado pela mnistry …. um opta por permanecer sozinho, não caindo no chão.

Davi sabia que a realidade dessa experiência … ele estava certíssimo em relação estas duas dimensões. Esta é a razão que fez tis declaração, esta é uma época para a união de corações não …. o encontro dos homens para a expansão comercial sem conexão. Mas o ° tricô de corações ¨. Os corações dos homens deve ser associado a David. Este é oferecer Davi. Esta é a Sua protocolo. Se entramos em seu acampamento sob qualquer pretexto outro, você vai contra o próprio Deus. Há muito que podemos aprender com isso. Vamos examinar cuidadosamente os nossos motivos para se conectar à várias pessoas em nossas vidas. É hora de • Atualizar • nossas diretório!! O Senhor te abençoe.

1 Crônicas 12

17 E Davi lhes saiu ao encontro deles, e respondeu, e disse-lhes: Se vós a mim pacificamente para me ajudar, meu coração se unirá convosco: mas se [tiverdes] para me entregar aos meus inimigos, vendo [ não há] nada de errado nas minhas mãos, o Deus de nossos pais o veja [nele], e repreensão [ele].


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My laptop has been giving me some problems so I regret being unable to post any pictures. Sunday was Fathers Day even here in Argentina. I missed being home with my family and the household of faith in Wyebank. But not my will but Yours Lord. It is absolutely amazing how God honours this level of sacrifice and consecration….the manner in which the Spirit of the Lord supports me in these meetings is nothing short of phenomenal. God puts His words in my mouth. The meeting in Matheu with Ps Reuben and Edith Cobo went very well. I was particularly pleased with the discipline in the music. This is a large established ministry in the city and the Church has extended an open invitation to us. The meeting in Jesus Mana Ministries was wonderful. Many responded to the Word of the Lord….amazing flows of the Holy Spirit. This ministry has been significantly impacted. A covenant has been established between our nations and our ministries. There was great joy amongst the believers as they celebrated our alliance. I am so thankful to Ap Sandra Luna and her husband Ps Muguel Luna and their household of faith for receiving me here. The Lord bless them.

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To all my sons! I am sorry that I am not with you personally where you are. Read this scripture for our encouragement and understanding of the present demand of God:

John 10:16

16 I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.

They too must hear my voice! The message, vision and driving passion of the Father must be communicated to the nations of the world. We must deliver OURSELVES of sentimentalism and excessive displays of emotion and get the job done! As my sons you will carry the same passion that I have for the deliverance of nations. My greatest gift is that you will represent me accurately where you are. That we must be delivered from the spirit of Catholicism, where we call every elderly man ¨Father¨. That your sonship will be demonstrated rather than articulated. That you would pursue the resident grace of ¨father¨ in my life, rather than me standing on the porch and wondering where the prodigal is. These are hard words, but this is the demand of this season, that there will be a turning of hearts towards one another if we are to make a significant impact as a family…..that we are joined in perfect agreement, speaking and preaching the same gospel.  THE LORD BLESS YOU.



Para todos os meus filhos! Lamento que não estou com você pessoalmente onde você está. Leia esta passagem da Escritura para o nosso incentivo e compreensão da demanda presente de Deus:

João 10:16

16 Tenho ainda outras ovelhas que não são deste aprisco. Devo levá-los também. Elas ouvirão a minha voz, e haverá um só rebanho e um só pastor.

Eles também devem ouvir a minha voz! A mensagem de visão, paixão e condução do Pai deve ser comunicada para as nações do mundo. Devemos entregar-nos desentimentalismo e mostra excessiva de emoção e começar o trabalho feito! Como meus filhos que você vai levar a mesma paixão que eu tenho para a libertação das nações. Meu maior presente é que você vai me representar com precisão onde você está. Que devem ser entregues a partir do espírito do catolicismo, onde chamamos a cada homem idoso ¨ Pai ¨. Que a sua filiação será demonstrado ao invés de articulada.Que você iria prosseguir a graça residente de ° pai ¨ em minha vida, ao invés de me de pé na varanda e se perguntando onde o pródigo é. Essas são palavras duras, mas esta é a demanda da temporada, que haverá uma mudança de coração um para o outro, se quisermos ter um impacto significativo como uma família … .. que estamos unidos em perfeita sintonia, falando e pregando o mesmo evangelho. O Senhor te abençoe.


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Matt 10:32-33

32 “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. 33 But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.

 We are clear and in full agreement that Christ dwells in us, the temples and mansions of the living God. It is this Christ that is demanding that we confess Him in our conversations and daily interaction with others. Failure in this area will negatively impact your approval ratings in the heavens.

 Now let us take this principle and apply it to all our relationships; all our families, friends and ministry associates. There are many who want access to that which we possess, yet they will deny us in their conversations, in their private chambers, within their circles. They will add no value to your life…..carefully retaining their resources whilst coveting yours. Jesus desires relationships that  reciprocate; relationships that are mutually beneficial. In another place He  said to the woman who came to Him for help:

Matt 15:26



“It is not good to take the children’s bread and throw it to the little dogs.”


Childrens’ bread should not be squandered. Feed those who know how to acknowledge and confess you to others; to those who add value to your life.

The Lord bless you as you meditate on this word of wisdom.

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I am excited about the inauguration of our new ministry associate in Chapero, Brasil. I have known Ps Pedro Amancio for over ten years; I remember anointing him to serve in the ministry many years ago. Here is the new ministry logo.




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Last night the servants of God gathered in the palatial home of Alejandro Pastor (this is not his title but his actual last name). Alejandro is the couturier and Argentina’s leading fashion designer to the celebrities. He is the brother of Ap Sandra Luna and is a strong supporter of the local ministry. In spite of his elevated position, he makes time to attend the Church meetings. I am thankful to him for ensuring that I am comfortable here. An extraordinary humble man.

We had a great time with Pastors Diego and Soledad Bosch who have a wonderful ministry here in the city. We are beginning to see the great plan of God being revealed for the leadership on the South American continent. God is bringing together servants who are wholly focussed on the advancement of His Kingdom…..discerning the grace deposit in each one of us….celebrating the grace gifts given to each one for the edification of His Body….not viewing each other suspiciously through the limited vision of our own grace gift but recognising the necessity to consolidate without eroding the sovereignity of the grace carrier in his area of competency. This requires extraordinary grace. The Kingdom requires extraordinary individuals!


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The meetings started this weekend in Jose C. Paz, a town outside the city of Buenos Aires. The meetings were well attended with leaders coming from neighbouring countries as well. All meetings were recorded by representatives of local radio stations. The message is seriously challenging and shaking the governmental structures  and the status quo of the church whilst liberating ordinary believers. Yesterday was spent with Ps Diego and Soledad Bosch who have a wonderful ministry here. They are young ministers and are open to what the Lord is doing in this present season. Last night was singularly memorable with the Spirit of the Lord moving with such awesome majesty and power in the midst of the people. When we preach a message that demands reformation, these moves of God are really appreciated and valued as they encourage the people in receiving our message. Ap Carlos and Graciela Garibaldi received me very well. Thank God for all your prayers and support.


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Many  Church leaders gathered at the church of Miguel Lopez Luna and Ap Sandra Luna in the city of Jose C Paz this morning. We had representatives from from as far as Bolivia. They were visibly affected by the Word of the Lord with many manifestations during the course of the meeting. Ap Sandra Luna and her family have fully committed themselves to this message that we carry. They have discerned that we are not tourists but we are trained operatives deployed by our King to proclaim His Kingdom that can never be shaken! We go back tonight to continue what we started in the morning….understanding the importance of embracing present day truth.


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