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Wyebank is celebrating the ministry of Pastors

Brenden and Lushy Naidoo of Praise Church. Ps Brenden

has proven to be a faithful partner of  the Highway

Word Forum which is a gathering of like minded

men of God who have the Church in the city at

heart. Bring a seed to sow into the life of our brother.

This is our final assault against the structures of

religion in our city. This is the day for the trumpet

to sound.

Its all happening at CCF, 6 Oak Avenue, Wyebank.

on Sunday 4 October 2009 at 5pm.

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Well it’s great to be back home with my family. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Brasil; the Lord established many new relationships. Thanks to my son Ap Marcio as well as Ap Fabio for their help in developing these new alliances.

I am looking forward to a short time of rest before leaving for the Cape Town conference in October.

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Had a great time with Charles and Lou Brau, pastors of

the Church in Taubate, Sao Paulo. The message was

well received. Charles is hoping to visit us in the

new year. The meetings went out live on the Internet.

Lou heads up the Praise team who have recorded

their music. They are also involved in the drilling

of boreholes to supply water to the indigenous tribes

living along the banks of the Amazon River. They are

also ministering to these people.

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What an awesome time at my home Church that we founded 10 years ago. The warm reception; people waiting to share their most personal challenges and rejoicing together in the victories gained this year.

There was a great impartation of the Spirit at all meetings, that were accompanied by signs and wonders. Many local pastors attended. Ps Nilo and Ap Marcio are doing a great job here and it is our desire to bring them to South Africa in September next year to spend some time with us. Please feel free to contribute financially towards this project. It is a great investment in Kingdom advancement. 

I am presently preparing for my final leg of my apostolic journey …. Sao Paulo. We are trusting God for a great impartation in the city of Taubate. Please continue to pray for these meetings.

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Many leaders responded to the call to gather to develop strategy for the advancement of the apostolic message. The humility demonstrated by some of the most influential men of God in this city was remarkable. There was also a prophet from the state of Bahia as well as a prophetess who served the Lord in California. The Spirit of the Lord stirred up the people to evangelise the entire South American continent. We are thankful to Ps Nilo Nogueira and Ap Marcio Bernadino of CCF together with Angela and Bianca who hosted the meeting ad provided the meals. The delegates expresed a desire for many more of these meetings.

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Do not forget this new ministry offering to the Body of Christ to be held at CCF with seasoned evangelists Krish and Pat Govender of Durban on Saturday 26 Sept 2009 at 1600hrs. Refer previous post for all details. See you there !

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Enjoyed my fellowship with Ap Marco Antonio

and Nanci Costa whom I have known for a while now.

Great reception of the  Word of God. His daughter

Debora helped translate.

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