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Yesterday Ap Renan, Ralph, Louis and I agreed broadly to use the Terra Fertil Church as the venue for the 2012 ABC Conference. It was a good meeting where our vision was made known.

Please keep this Conference in prayer from now. There are many logistical challenges to negotiate but our trust is in the Lord. The dates will be forwarded to all as soon as confirmed with Dr S.Y.Govender of ABC Ministries South Africa.

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John Boney from the USA spoke powerfully on the need to transition from an old order that is now redundant. He spoke of how John baptised Jesus, announced the arrival of the Lord, yet he did not follow Him nor become His disciple. Wonderful time in His Presence.

John Boney being translated by Ana Paula

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Ralph being translated by Ana Paula

Great opening night at the Rio Conference. Ralph taught on the voice and command of God that comes through His vessels. Tremendouss presence of God. Anointed worship. Many were impacted by the Word. We had a full house on this first night. Looking forward to tomorrow night.

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Visited some of the landmarks in Rio today. Copacabana Beach, Statue of Christ, St Paul’s


Cathedral, world famous Maracana Stadium, Tijuca National Park. Louis is gone to the football game tonight at Maracana with Anderson. Well this is our mini break over!  Thursday is the opening of the Conference here. John Boney and Jim Burke arrive from the USA in the morning.


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Wonderful time of rest, relaxation and fellowship in Buzios. Absolutely beautiful, stunning views, postcard perfect. The brothers and I have earmarked this location as a place to visit during our 2012 Apostolic Conference. Returned late to the hotel in Rio. Great day!

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I spent the whole day with Nilo Nogueira explaining clearly the post apostolic season; the various challenges that the church in Brasil face; the changes that need to be made. Wonderful day in the Word.

The evening saw my brothers Ralph and Louis arrive from South Africa. There was great joy as we shared on what the Lord has been doing here over the past week. We are thankful to Anderson and Ana Paula for fetching the brothers from the airport.

Tomorrow is a day of rest. We go on a tour to the island of Buzios, which is situated about 200km north of Rio de Janeiro. This is an important break as the work starts in earrnest from Thursday. We send our love to all our families and friends.

Dinner in downtown Rio

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It is Ps Nilo’s birthday! He is excited that the Lord allowed me once again to be with him on his birthday; last year we were together in Salvador. The meeting last night was well attended by many leaders. This nation like many others is dying spiritually because of the traditions of men. There is a huge difference between the Word of God and our revelation; between the Word of God and our traditions.God has a responsibility to honour His Word. So keep declaring what He has said!

Mark 7:13
13 Thus you nullify the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down. And you do many things like that.”

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Once again the Lord has been faithful by showing up at this meeting. There was a mass demonstration of repentance as believers discovered the Book of the Law. There was a sound of wailing as grown men and women of God repented and embraced the demand of the new season…to develop a new culture in accordance to Acts 2.42. Brau and Lou committed their ministry to the construction of the missing pillar….. apostles’ doctrine. I have introduced them to the ABC Bible Study programme and I celebrate their new found zeal for the Word of the Lord. Truly great closing night!

I prepare to fly to Rio de Janeiro later this morning to meet with Ps Nilo Nogueira. I will be at CCF Bangu tonight. Looking forward to meeting my friends there. Also excited to receive Ralph and  Louis from South Africa on Monday evening. They will be joining me  for the “Dawn of a new Day”  Conference in Terra Fertil, Rio de Janeiro.

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Last night we gathered at Charles and Lou’s fellowship. The music team unashamdly without any reservation expressed their unbridled passion for the Lord. There is an important lesson to be learned here. We should not despise gifts that we do not possess. Our gifts ought to be utilised to lead others to Christ. Use all our resources that come from HIM for the advancement of  His Kingdom. Whilst everything else is being shaken, His Kingdom will never be shaken because Christ is the FIRM FOUNDATION.

Last night the Spirit of the Lord challenged, provoked and dared believers to believe in the ability of God.

Mark 16:20
20 And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Amen.

We must trust God for confirming the revelation that we release. Preaching must be accompanied by a manifestation of the glory of God. Where His glory is, there are signs and wonders. We are not driven by a quest for signs and wonders, but this is the natural consequence of an authentic visitation of the Lord. We are driven by a passion for Christ and to see a manifestation of  His Kingdom.

One of the miracles of last night was that a young man whose back was bent received his healing. He could go to work because of extreme pain; unable to stand upright. He responded to the challenge that the Lord is still able to heal. Because he believed, he received. Many others were similarly impacted. To God be all praise, honor and glory!

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Last night was a memorable experience when, once again the glory of the Lord manifested in Pindamohangaba, a town not far from Taubate, The Lord caused me to abandon my notes as His Presence filled the house and we allowed Him the preeminence that our King deserves. Truly there is no one like him. The valley of dryness sprung to life as the Lord made ministry so easy, even in the midst of a people, like in the upper room, who spoke different languages. When the Spirit of God descended on the place, believers were energised and left charged with a new passion to serve God. To Him be all glory and praise. May He increase and we decrease.

Thank Ps Giovanni and his wife for their reception and hospitality.

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