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Tuesday morning was spent speaking to the leaders of Ps Syl Farney’s forum in the town of Mesquita. Ap Marcio and Ap Fabio were there as well.
Had breakfast with them and returned to Bangu at lunch time.
The evening saw me at Ap Ivan and Ps Ducie Andrade’s church in Penya. Renata interpreted. Ana Paula and Anderson came along as well. Thanks to Ps Paulo and Ps Graca for the transport.
Well, just one more day in Rio before I fly to Sao Paulo to connect with the SAA flight back home. I am really looking forward to being with my family and the brethren again.

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I visited Ps Elias and his wife Ps Susie at Communidade Biblica da Graca in Santa Cruz last night and we had a great time of impartation. The worship was great; this is one of the churches under the supervison of Ap Ivan Andrade. The hospitality extended by this Church is really something to write about. This Church truly represents the house of David. Rafael Fonseca did a great job interpreting the message. Thanks to Ps Paulo and Ps Graca for the lift.
I am beginning to miss home now; all the travel is taking its toll. Just 2 more days; 4 more meetings; then I will be on my way back.

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I visited the Methodist Church in Bangu in the morning where I was reunited with old friends. I was warmly received by Ps Roberto and Sonia Lopez and their family. Also met Irene’s mother Sandra. It was great to meet the man who prophesied that I would be a man of God; Pastor Moreno is now 93 years old and has given me open access to the Methodist Church. I wish Ps Anderson’s wife Andrea a speedy recovery from surgery.
The evening found me at Terra Fertil Church in Inoiba where I was received by Ap Renan and his family. Galber and Neise Figueiredo are expecting their first child in about 6 months. This is the home I stayed in when we were here last year with Ps Ralph and Ps Louis. Great to see Ps Giovanni and Sandra Machedo again. Great time of impartation.
I thank Anderson and his wife Ana Paula who spent the day with me, driving me to the various churches. The Lord bless you.

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It was a day of great celebration at CCF as worship team members Felipe and Sarah were married in a beautiful ceremony officiated by Ps Edvaldo of CCF. I was priveleged to deliver the sermon. Many guests attended. The bridal couple looked great in their outfits.
All of CCF, our partners and ministry associates wish them well in their marriage. Please feel free to send your congratulations to the couple here. I will pass them on.

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My Friends and I at CCF Bangu

I am settled in at Marcello and Cristiane’s house in Bangu. They have really taken time to prepare their humble lodgings for me. They took time to buy many of the things I like; like any loving child would. I am truly touched by their generosity.When you are far from the comforts of home, acts of love are really appreciated.
Had a business meeting with Ap Marcio, Ps Nilo and Ana Paula. Reinforced many foundational apostolic doctrines. I was impressed with many changes in the Church; the auditorium has been extended. Airconditioning has been installed. New drum set has been acquired and the platform area has been extended. Our congratulations to Ap Marci and Ps Nilo for the improvements.
I was at the local Church on Friday night for a meeting; many leaders from outside the Church attended. Our efforts at uniting the Churches are beginning to produce the desired results.
My friend of many years, Ps Pedro Filho of Chapero was there as well. I anointed him about 6 years ago.
A great time of prophetic impartation.

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On Tuesday night we drove 100km to the town of Itapetinga and we had a great time of impartation with Ps Marco of the Nova Jerusalem Church and various other leaders from that city. The attendance was so great that screens had to be placed on the street for people to gather outside the Church. Thank Prophet Santos for this connection that would ultimately open the doors to Argentina. Some Argentinians were there as well. Drove back to Vitoria at about 1.00 in the morning. Woke early again to address city leaders in Vitoria da Conquista.
From there rushed to a small airport and travelled on a small plane in seriously bad weather back to Salvador. Thank God for a safe trip.
I had time to change planes quickly to Rio de Janeiro. Arrived back in the city at around 10pm.
I travel to my “home” town of Bangu later this afternoon where I will be staying at Marcello and Cristiane’s home. They have been faithful sons of CCF for a long time.
I will prepare for business meeting with the CCF leadership tomorrow afternoon and then minister to the local congregation later that night.

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Left Slvador this morning for Vitoria da Conquista. Had a great meeting with Ps Evandro and Sonia at Communidade Crista Church in the city. They have the name of our ministry.
Ps Nilo, Ps Sella, Ap Eduardo and I stayed at the pastor’s home last night.
I am thankful to Prophet Santos for facilitating these meetings…he is a real gift from God. I am also appreciative of Irene Pillay’s help in communicating constantly with these leaders to make this trip possible.
My God bless you all.
Tuesday morning will see us make the 90km trip to Itapetinga where we will meet with the city leaders. Talk to you soon.

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Ministered at the Baptist Church of Garcia this morning, Great time with Ps Elson and Elizabeth de Souza the senior pastors of this long standing ministry.
The evening was the last night of the Salvador experience; great moves of the Holy Ghost. New covenant with us was publicly declared by Ap Eduardo Ribeiro, his wife Ap Adda, Prophet Santos, Pastor Josue Novais and our sons Ap Marcio and Ps Nilo.
Tomorrow morning will see us make our way to Itapetinga, a town in the state of Bahia, about 600 miles from Salvador. I speak to the leaders there and will fly back to Salvador on Wednesday.
Will keep you informed.

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This was truly a night to remember. I shared my thoughts on Spiritual Intelligence. After the word, I invited Ap Marcio and Prophet Santos to prophesy. There was a pandemonium as the Spirit of the Lord literally fell on every individual. This move lasted over 45 minutes as believers were unable to stand still. There was a tangible spirit of liberation in the house as believers began to express themselves with unbridled joy.
Truly a memorable evening.
The praise and worship was of the highest international standard…the worship leader is a man who is totally blind. What a testimony!

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The Conference began last night. This was the Church’s first exposure to the present day apostolic message and it was well received. We set down some foundational principles and we will build from these positions over the next few days.
These folk really know how to praise. They are very expressive in all that they do. The musicians are highly skilled and sensitive to the spiritual flow.
This day, Saturday is a special day for us here. It is Ps Nilo’s birthday. I took Ps Nilo together with Ap Marcio and all the other apostles to breakfast.
We shared our many experiences over the past 19 years. We wish him
well during the years ahead. The telephone lines to Salvador are not all that good at the moment. To all those who are trying to communicate with us, please be patient.
Love and regards from the whole ministry team.

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